Pool Maintenance and Inspections

If you’re currently in the market for a new home, you’ve probably come across a few that have pools. If you are thinking about purchasing a home that already has a pool on the property, you’ll want to make sure that pool is in great shape as well. Just as you would get the home inspected before buying, you should do the same for the pool. Before you close the deal, you’ll want to call M & G Pools. 

Our professionals perform thorough pool inspections to make sure you’re not purchasing a home with an added headache. Home inspectors can only do so much, but our staff can take a closer look at the pool. 

Purchasing a New Home With a Pool

Some buyers assume that a home inspection covers all the bases with the property you’re interested in. But the truth is, home inspectors likely have limited knowledge of pools. With M & G Pools as your pool specialists, you can ensure that the pool you’re about to take on is in good condition. We can look beyond just how blue the water is. We make sure the pool is free of leaks; solid in structure; and has working pumps, heaters and filters. We also look at all the electrical equipment. 

If you’re looking to buy a home with a pool, don’t sign the dotted line without calling M & G Pools first. 

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