Swimming Pool Liner Repair in Cleveland, OH

Swimming Pool Liner Repair is Essential to Pool Maintenance

From normal wear and tear to damages caused by weather conditions it’s important to have a professional take a look, especially when it comes to the pool’s liner. 

Although swimming pool liners have become more durable than ever, over time they will need to be repaired or replaced. When the liner becomes faded, leaking, ripped, torn, wrinkled, or stained, contact M & G Pools for the necessary repair solutions. Repairs can extend the life of a liner and save you lots of money in the process.  

Save Money By Opting to Repair Your Swimming Pool Liner Today!

Swimming pool leaks are not an uncommon problem, in fact they happen often. Luckily, many can be easily repaired instead of needing to replace the entire liner. Our pros can locate leaks, determine how extensive the damage is and patch small tears and rips as needed. 

To learn more about our pool liner repair services, contact us at 330-992-9792.

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