Swimming Pool Cleaning Service in Cleveland, OH

Let Us Make Your Pool Perfect!

Is your swimming pool looking worse for wear? Are you considering putting in a pool for the first time? M & G Pools is here to help. We offer swimming pool installation and repairs for homeowners throughout Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas. Whether you need help to create summer fun or keep it going, we can provide it.

 Swimming Pool Repair

When it comes to swimming pool installation, we know just how to translate your ideas into reality. We can create a simple backyard pool for you or a complete backyard oasis. Rest assured that we will understand your budget and preferences, making sure we conform to the latter without going above the former.

We can help you when it comes to swimming pool repairs and renovations, too. Besides pool liner repairs, we can also take on a wide range of repair tasks. Whether you need help with your pool heater, filter, or other equipment or the structure of the pool itself needs assistance, call on us. We’ll make sure your pool is in perfect shape for hours and hours of fun in the sun.

Our talented pool professionals have seen it all, from simple liner issues to complex leaks and other issues. We will make sure that the fun continues at your place all summer long. So whether you need a pool designed for the first time or renovated, call us today.

Let Us Handle Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance 

Hiring a trusted pool maintenance company to take care of your swimming pool is a smart investment that will save you time and money, reduce hassle, and minimize safety risks. We have years of experience taking care of swimming pools, and pool service is one of our specialties at M & G Pools. 

Keeping your pool clean and healthy allows everyone to fully enjoy the swimming experience. From testing and balancing pH levels to cleaning the filtration system, our pool cleaners keep all types of pools properly sanitized and free of dirt and debris. Leave the service to us, and spend your time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it. 

Basic pool maintenance goes a long way, especially when our professionals takes over. We have all the best equipment and proven techniques to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean. To learn more about our swimming pool service, contact us at 330-992-9792.

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